Reasons To Hire A Professional Tint Company

Reasons To Hire A Professional Tint Company:

  • Familiarity with state and local tint laws / regulations.
  • Professional work guaranteed.
  • Work done right the first time.
  • Reasonable prices.

Benefits To Tinting Your Vehicle’s Windows:

  • Decreases heat. Heat is one of the two causes of automotive interior fading. Today’s window films can reduce heat by 78% compared to untreated automotive glass. A cooler interior increases comfort by reducing A/C usage, extends the life of A/C systems, and improves gas mileage.
  • Reduces fading. Windows films can block up to 99% of UV rays, one of the two causes of automotive interior fading. Blocking UV rays will extend the life of your automotive interior and help maintain resale value.
  • Diminishes health risks. Exposure to UV rays poses significant health risks to your eyes and skin. Window films help prevent permanent damage by deflecting these harmful rays.
  • Reduces hazardous glare. Glare from the sun and headlights can have a blinding effect on your vision while driving. Tinting your automobile’s side and rear windows can reduce these effects.
  • Increases safety and security. Window film provides an extra level of safety in case of an accident. It also provides an extra level of security for your possessions against smash-and-grab theft.
  • Enhances appearance. Tinted windows enhance your vehicle’s appearance. There are a variety of window films available to suit any type of vehicle including invisible film, color film, and dark film.
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