We utilize some of the best professional automotive window films in today’s market. The products we use are leaders in today’s market. We continue to strive and bring you the best films at competitive pricing. All of our window films measure 1.5 mil and are 2 ply construction, which allows for greater durability and longevity. These films are color stable, meaning they will not fade to purple or brown. Each film is also constructed with a hard coating to further protect against scratching. There are many different shades, so you can decide which look is right for you. We also provide different types of film so that you can choose the film that has the best benefit for you.

We do not use any 1 mil, 1 ply films which will bubble and turn purple in extreme hot weather, such as the Texas heat. Most of the bubbled tint you see on vehicles is not even that old. These films are usually offered at discount prices without the customer’s interest in mind. If your vehicle needs a removal just call us (512) 710-TINT (8468), and we will get your vehicle back to looking the way it should. Austin Tint Masters offers a product that will stand up to the harsh climate in Texas. All of the films we carry are backed by a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. This warranty protects you for as long as you own your vehicle.

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